CPeR requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 Redistributable Package to be installed on the machine

This may be downloaded directly from Microsoft by clicking here  

What are the system requirements for the Microsoft .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework runs on:

Operating System:

Microsoft claims that future versions of Windows will include the .NET framework and much new software is being written to conform with the framework. If you haven't installed it already, chances are you will need to do so in the near future.

Software Requirements:

You are browsing the web with

If you see .NET CLR (which refers to the .NET Common Language Runtime) in the above description of your web browser, then you have .NET installed.  Some browsers, such as Netscape, don't properly report .NET.  If you are using one of these browsers, it may be installed however you must follow this procedure to find out.  From your Windows "Start" menu, choose "Control Panel" and then choose "Add or Remove Programs."  A list of programs installed on your computer will appear.  Look through it for an entry entitled "Microsoft .NET Framework."  If that entry is there, you have the framework installed.  If not, you must install it to run CPeR.

Note: There are several updates to the .NET framework which include important fixes.  Currently these are not included in the base install of .NET but can be downloaded with Windows automatic updates.

How do I install the .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework is a 20MB download freely available from Microsoft. You can install the .NET Framework from Microsoft's Windows Update Page. Go to this page and find out what updates are available for your computer. The .NET Framework is usually listed as a "recommended update" so be sure to look beyond the "Critical Updates." If you find the .NET Framework, install it by following the instructions on that page. Its a good idea to visit this page to periodically update your Windows system anyway.

Note: There are several updates to the .NET Framework 1.0 which include important fixes. These were not included in the base install of the .NET Framework. To get these updates, return to the Microsoft's Windows Update Page after you have installed .NET or look here.